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Diploma in Human Rights
Postgraduate: Distance Education mode- 12 Months
This course is specially designed for people working in NGO's, Police departments, Government departments, Inter-governmental organisations and any other person interested in Human Rights education etc.  This is a distance education mode course.  Evaluation is done through continuos assessment of assignments and a project/dissertation at the end. This is useful for understanding human rights issues regional, national, international level.  Diplomas are awarded to successful candidates after completion of all assignments.
Jurisdiction of the course : All over world from any country
Course Eligibility : Any Graduate or 12 Class person (Higher Secondary)
Course Fees : US$ 695 /- On admission
Concession: Fees waiver is not possible, but some concession can be given in deserving cases.
Target Group: This programme is useful to every body who wants to know about human rights aspects.  Interested people may contact through email, fax, by post.  Registration for the course can be done  any time
Diploma in United Nations & International Understanding

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