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Selection Requirements for IBRF Fellow

Eligibility Conditions :

l             Graduate in any faculty / discipline

l             Should have attained the age  of 30 years

l             Should be engaged in any profession, job, employment, business etc.

l             Contributions to any field and subject of human endower

l             Writers, Poets, Journalists, Novelists, Researchers, Doctors, Social Workers, Engineers, Architects Lecturers, Professors and other professionals will be given weightage for selection as fellow

l             Publications such as books, articles, research papers, speeches etc. will be added qualifications (Books can be sent with application to assess the talent of the applicant)  

l             Applicant should pay the required fees along with application

l             Fees is refunded / returned incase of rejection / not selected for reason whatsoever

What to enclose with application form

            Copy of your passport or governed ID Card

            Four latest passportsize photographs (both ears visible)

            Detailed biodata (Curriculum Vitae)

            Copies of academic degrees, awards, titles, orders, fellowships, etc (if applicable)

            Fellow fees by Cheque /  Demand draft or Swift / wire transfer



Advantages :

l                   Selection as Fellow is a recognition to an individual and their work

l                   Fellow is eligible to use letters FIBR at the end of their name 

l                   Strictly limited to distinguished individuals dated and sealed

l                   Add to their qualifications / additional qualification

l                   Fetch recognition from institutions of higher education

l                   Improve prospects in profession

l                   Give confidence and a winning edge in today's competitive world

l                   They will receive invitations for IBRF activities

l                   Advices of fellows will be given due consideration

l                   Each fellow can nominate two more persons for selection as fellow

What you will receive

            Beautiful Certificate engraved in multi colour exquisite parchment 

            You will receive the certificate with your name, designation

            Certificate is presented in a 9"x11" leatherette folder with inside protective cover sheet

            IBRF Fellow Gold plated Medal

            IBRF blue colour Tie with IBRF logo printed on it

            IBRF collar pin with IBRF logo printed on it

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Copyright IBRF(India); All Rights Reserved